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The influence Latin music is having across the country can be heard in different styles of genres playing on the radio today.  Whether its rap, reggae, or even country, the international music craze is evidently taking hold, respectably.  


 Enter GarciaGarcia, a brother/sister Nashville songwriting/recording act hailing from Texas.  With the upcoming release of their first CD under the Red Horse Records/Dixiana Music, Ruben and Sally have found a way to bring the different genres together with a style that is unlike any other recording act in recent memory.  “We wanted this project to be different,” says Ruben.  “We had the creative freedom to blend Spanish dance tunes with reggae, rock, salsa and cumbia.”  “We even threw in some country for good measure,” he says with a chuckle.  Sally adds jokingly, “Yeah, with the party song ‘Me Gusta Salsa with a Little Twang,’ we pulled out the lasso and tied the sombrero and 10-gallon hat together.”  “Yahoo!”   


 Ruben and Sally were born in South Texas---the Rio Grande Valley.  Their musical roots were imprinted early on by their mother who sang with mariachi groups and always had Spanish music playing in the background.  Sally, a former television news reporter has interviewed countless Latin acts like Flaco Jimenez, Freddy Fender and the late Tejano superstar, Selena.  She has penned original songs for Tejano recording acts and has written numerous music jingles. Ruben has a medical background and has written and recorded professionally under a Texas label.  Both accomplished musicians and songwriters, Ruben and Sally are also staff writers for Terry Brown Music and Double Springs Music Publishing in Nashville, TN.


GarciaGarcias’ debut CD is set for release in late 2006.


















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